Favorite Poems for the week of February 12 – 18

Here are our favorite poems posted by our readers for the week of February 12 – 18

First a quick little recap:

The form of the week was the Korean Sijo.

The prompts for the week were

Prompt 29 – Babysitting
Prompt 30 – Chores
Prompt 31 – Road Trips
Prompt 32 – Meeting your New Neighbors
Prompt 33 – The Ideal Summer
Prompt 34 – The Farmers Market
Prompt 35 – Excuses

Thank you to everyone who participated and commented their poems this week. In no particular order here are the poems that we especially enjoyed.

Prompt 29 – Babysitting

“Tommy’s First Curse”
The Johnson’s three year old is a hellion with endless energy.
But this job got a lot harder when I stubbed my big toe.
Now, little Tommy won’t stop saying “Fuck” and I got an hour left.
by Eamonn

Prompt 30 – Chores

The hum of my local laundromat is in the key of F
Blissful orchestra of drain pumps, that heavenly sound is unmatched!
Anyways, what kind of music do you li….please don’t leave I’m lonely
by bigb0ssbobo

Prompt 32 – Meeting your New Neighbors

“Pine in my apples”
My new neighbors are a fun couple to hangout with. Not only
that, but they seem to have taken a liking to me and my wife.
They even have a cool upside down pineapple at their door.
By Yung Scoot

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