Favorite Poems for the week of February 5 – 11

Here are our favorite poems posted by our readers for the week of February 5 – 11

First a quick little recap:

The form of the week was Ekphrasis.

The prompts for the week were

Prompt 22 – Ekphrasis #1
Prompt 23 – Ekphrasis #2
Prompt 24 – Ekphrasis #3
Prompt 25 – Ekphrasis #4
Prompt 26 – Ekphrasis #5
Prompt 27 – Ekphrasis #6
Prompt 28 – Ekphrasis #7

Thank you to everyone who participated and commented their poems this week. In no particular order here are the poems that we especially enjoyed.

Favorites From Prompt 22 – Ekphrasis #1

Canes should only be used
By men of sound mind.
by Sarah

He said success was shown in the gut.
But, I am simply not hungry.
by Anonymous

Eamonn’s Poem For Prompt 23 – Ekphrasis #2

“Ode to a Simple Life”
The sky kissed goodnight
And bathed in rich light
Quite waters reflect
A life once perfect
Leafless branches bare
Dance in Autumn air
The farm a steadfast
Home of ages past
A memory now
One last breathe I vow
Never to forget
This lasting sunset

Favorites From Prompt 24 – Ekphrasis #3

An ominous night
My feet sink into the wet sand below
An owl hoots as I stroll by
The wind whispers to me
“everything will be just fine”
– jakeryannelson

A nighttime dip in the lake is all i want,
It seems so close, i can almost feel the ripples throughout the night
But i must stay where i am and light the way
What’s a moon to do
– Mackenzie Elizabeth

Eamonn’s Poem For Prompt 25 – Ekphrasis #4

“Take a Cruise They Said”
Nausea from the shrimp buffet’s curse
Has me envy the dead.
Seem to have lost a glove and purse.
How could this night get any worse?
Iceberg dead ahead!

Eamonn’s Poem For Prompt 27 – Ekphrasis #6

“A Cat’s Christmas Ballad”
Around the square and dance my cats
The snow is fresh today
It needs a good ol’stomp with paws
As we begin to play
The hateful cats are few and mad
That jest and jape the tune
But we will carry on the songs
Until we see the moon
So come along and join the choir
Enjoy the eve with us
Declare your love for string and twine
A joy to be a puss
At Christmas time

Favorites From Prompt 28 – Ekphrasis #7

This road I call my own
With each carefully placed stone
Holding up all I’ve ever known

This house I can only see
With each window a gate into what cannot be
Standing strong when I needed to flee

This rain caressing my face
With each drop lost in a sea of the shame
Washing away all that remains
– Will

As the old man walks
He leaves behind rotten dreams
Nothing left it seems
– Charlie R Jarrell

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