Favorite Poems for the week of January 22 – 28

Here are our favorite poems posted by our readers for the week January 22 – 28.

First a quick little recap:

The form of the week was The French Haiku.

The prompts for the week were

Prompt 8 – Dating in the Digital Age
Prompt 9 – Morning Ritual
Prompt 10 – Mourning Ritual
Prompt 11 – Mourning Rich Ewe Wool
Prompt 12 – A Parisian Afternoon
Prompt 13 – Does Camping Suck?
Prompt 14 – Cooking on a Budget

Thank you to everyone who participated and commented their poems this week. In no particular order here are the poems that we especially enjoyed.

Elijah’s Poem For Dating in the Digital Age

I see my face on her phone. 
A quick swipe left. 
She is just across the bar, do I say hello?

Neo’s Poem For Morning Ritual

I open my eyes
Greeted by a new day
But my phone is so sweet, her tender caress blooms.

Sarah’s Poem For Mourning Ritual

I get a glimpse in the mirror,
I saw my mother woven through my face.
My make up runs when hers does. I hate when she cries.

Anonymous Poem for Mourning Rich Ewe Wool

They run the trains at night.
We awake to the scraping and screeching
of iron grinding iron. The sounds of cheap rent.

Eamonn’s Poem for A Parisian Afternoon

I should practice my French.
“Bonjur, comma alley~voo?”
“Please monsieur. Never speak French, ever again.”

Sarah Plotts’s Poem for A Parisian Afternoon

This city is full and rich;
Causing my curiosity to itch;
So I move to the Louvre , to see Art-History.

Wynn Edgar’s Poem for Does Camping Suck?

A rock in my sock,
Smoke in my hair and dirty underwear
I am freezing – why in the world did I come here?

Caroline Gregor’s poem for Cooking on a Budget

In my wallet, only five to spare.
In my stomach, nothing but a pear.
Guess I’ll have to shoplift, but I don’t have a care.

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