Favorite Poems for the week of January 29 – February 4

Here are our favorite poems posted by our readers for the week of January 29 – – February 4.

First a quick little recap:

The form of the week was The Japanese Limerick

The prompts for the week were

Prompt 15 – Write about Cooking or Eating
Prompt 16 – Write about Childhood or Fine Dining 
Prompt 17 – Write about Greed or Family
Prompt 18 – Write about Movies or Silence
Prompt 19 – Write about Dog Parks or Apple Picking
Prompt 20 – Write about Breakfast or Running Errands
Prompt 21 – Write about Birthdays or Birdwatching

Thank you to everyone who participated and commented their poems this week. In no particular order here are the poems that we especially enjoyed.

jakeryannelson’s Poem For Cooking or Eating

“Bunny Hill Dayz” Ft. Dana Larison

Pizza, French Fry, Pizza, Ouch.
Another bump on my rump.
That won’t bring my hopes down though.
I’m learning to ski!

Paige W.’s Poem For Movies or Silence

“Thoughts, on Thoughts”
I don’t know what silence is,
I imagine it’s divine.
The voice in my head’s too loud,
the worst part – it’s mine.

Big B0ss Bobo’s Poem For Movies or Silence

Chaplin, Oh to be like him
I had better look the part!
Suits on, now time for a shave
Wow, I look racist

Zack D’s poem for Breakfast or Running Errands

I’ll put patron in my eggs
Enough to forget last night
Where I think I lost my mind
Or at least my heart and soul
Maybe one more shot

Scott Wylie’s Poem For Breakfast or Running Errands

Hey! Today is my birthday.
I was born today dumbass!
You did not say anything!
Some father you are.

Mackenzie Elizabeth’s Poem For Birthdays or Birdwatching

The cake arrives, it’s chocolate
Vanilla is far better
Someone puts a hat on me
Birthdays are the worst

Wynn Edgar’s Poem For Cooking or Eating

decorative hors d’oeuvres served to
feed my faint narcissism,
paints a portrait of how I
desperately wish to be seen-
Quick, smile for my Insta

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