Flower Haiku

The following collection of flower haiku paints vivid pictures of petals, blooms, and the transient beauty of flora.

Flower Haiku

In the delicate realm of haiku, poets encapsulate profound moments of nature in just a few lines. The following collection of flower haiku paints vivid pictures of petals, blooms, and the transient beauty of flora. Each verse, crafted by renowned poets such as Bashō, Issa, and Buson, celebrates the ephemeral nature of life through the lens of blossoms and blossoming moments.

Yosa Buson (1716 – 1784)

A camellia falls
spilling out
yesterday’s rain

Mountain ant—
seen so clearly
on the white peony

An old well—
falling into its darkness
a camellia

Evening glories—
the cat chewing the flower
has its mind elsewhere

In these haiku, Yosa Buson invites readers to explore the nuanced beauty of nature through his contemplative lens. Each verse, a snapshot of a moment in time, reveals the intricate interplay between flora, fauna, and the human experience. Buson’s ability to infuse depth and emotion into the simplicity of his haiku cements his legacy as a poetic master, leaving us with timeless reflections on the transient nature of life and the delicate dance of existence in the natural world.

More Flower Haiku

White camellias—
only the sound of their falling
moonlit night

The warbler
dropped his hat—
a camellia

A pheasant’s tail
very gently brushes
the violets

Morning glories—
blown to the ground
bloom as they are

Over the violets
a small breeze
passes by

Flower petals
set the mountain in motion—
cherry blossoms

On the hydrangeas
the weight of the morning sun,
the evening sun

At the sound of the sea
the sunflowers open
their black eyes

In this symphony of haiku, each poet contributes a unique note to the collective melody, illustrating the beauty, resilience, and interconnectedness found in the natural world. The verses, like musical compositions, invite readers to join in the contemplation of fleeting moments, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the delicate dance of existence.

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